Autumn season bird ringing in Ćemovsko polje

in collaboration with local elementary schools and Ćemovsko field citizens and neighbours

Within our current project ‘‘Ćemovsko field: a hotspot in front of our eyes’’, we had the opportunity to meet with pupils from 5 elementary schools from Podgorica and conduct bird ringings with them. Bird ringing is a scientific method for following bird migration and learning about bird life history which is a foundation for bird conservation. This activity should be conducted by an ornithologist, or any person trained to conduct bird ringing, who is in charge to keep the birds safe as well as visitors to site. Birds are very active and most likely to be caught in mist nets (fine nets with pockets in which birds fall into) in the early morning hours, making 5-9h the optimal time for ringing, depending on the season.

EnvPro is targeting Ćemovsko field as a significant locality for bird ringings due to significant bird species diversity on this rare, pseudo steppe habitat. This is why Ćemovsko field is now a bird ringing station, subject to numerous future bird ringings by EnvPro team. Join us!

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