Big clean-up of Ćemovsko field

for revitalization of this biodiverse habitat

EnvPro is inviting you to join us on Ćemovsko field clean-up action, happening on the 15th and 22nd of February. It is organized under the project ‘’Ćemovsko polje: winning over the locals’’ supported by the Regional Program for Local Democracy in the Western Balkans – ReLOaD, which is funded by the delegation of European Union (EU) to Montenegro, and implemented by United Nations development program (UNDP) with the Capital City and 4 other local municipalities.

Ćemovsko field as a rare type of habitat (pseudo steppe) with a number of important bird species and other organisms is the target of many pressures caused by human negligence: waste disposal, burning of tires, gravel exploitation etc. As a consequence, nationally and internationally important and bird species , as well as the habitat itself, are endangered. The project in question aims at valuing this ecologically important habitat and the species of birds that inhabit it, through the use of formal and legal mechanisms for protection. One of the activities to achieve the revitalization of the area is a clean up action.

The clean-up dates are 15th and 22nd of February and the meeting place is Ul. Španskih boraca bb., about 200m after the Landfill ‘’Livade’’, at 10:00h. You can arrive to this spot by car or using the public transportation, bus lines 4 and 5a. Gloves, bags and water are provided by our partners, the city Landfill ‘’Livade’’ and city waste collection company, ‘’Čistoća’’. For more information write to or to our facebook page : .

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