Clean-up of a part of Ćemovsko field completed

with the help of numerous volunteers and heavy machinery

On 25.02. we successfully completed the clean-up action of Ćemovsko Field! The action is implemented through the project “Ćemovsko Field: Winning the winning over the hearts of local people”, supported by the Regional Program on Local Democracy in the Western Balkans - ReLOaD.

From 15.02. - 25.02. we cleaned Ćemovsko field together with volunteers and heavy machinery, and in partnership with the Capital city, the waste management facility and the city landfill, as well as the green area maintenance facility, to which we owe a special thanks. The action was carried out in three phases: preparatory (sorting and grouping of waste with volunteers), than cleaning with heavy machinery, and the final phase (cleaning of remaining small waste with volunteers).

Ćemovsko field as habitat and species that inhabit it suffer from many pressures caused by human negligence, which is why this project seeks to create conditions for the protection of Ćemovsko field and its biodiversity. This cleanup serves as a preparatory activity for the set up of bird houses at this site, as well as a “photography hide” - a birdwatching facility, in March this year.

A big thanks to the participants in the action, volunteers of the environmental section of Vocational High School “Ivan Uskokovic” Podgorica, volunteers of the NGO Our Action, volunteers and members of EnvPro and our partners in a job well done and results achieved! We look forward to continuing the project and other activities to protect this area.

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