Call for small construction/architecture works

of a photography hide and bird houses

The subject of this procurement is a photography hide and birdhouses. The establishment of both is planned on Ćemovsko field, southeast of the ‘’Livade’’ city landfill and west of the Cijevna river canyon. If the contractor has significant proposals for design changes for either the photography hide or bird houses, they may present them to the contracting authority and include the design price in the offer.

What follows is a short description of what is planned to be built. If you have interest in being the contractor for these objects, please write to to receive detailed measurements and description of the photography hide and dimensions of the birdhouse and a photo of the birdhouse model, and instructions on how to make the offer for construction.

A photography hide is an ambient designed to facilitate the photographing of the living world, in this case birds. The hide consist of a small pool (similar to the pool in the image) where birds will gather for a morning sip of water, and of the hide, sunk into the ground, where behind stopsol glass a photographer is waiting. The hide and the pool are made from, as much as possible, natural materials, as to fit in to the environment best and for the birds to get used to it easily. The whole photography process may take several hours or even several days. Additionally, an info board is planned near the photography hide, which would clarify the birdwatching facility and educate about important bird species found in Ćemovsko field. The board can be made of timber in a simple style, while the print for the board will be provided by EnvPro.

Regarding birdhouses, they will be constructed for the European roller, and 30 birdhouses are planned. A birdhouse model will be available to the contractor during construction, if necessary. The timber for making the birdhouses should be like a yew tree, with the possibility of withstanding external conditions such as rain, humidity, etc.

The photography hide and the birdhouses are built under the project ‘‘Ćemovsko field: winning over the hearts of the locals’’. The project is supported under the Regional program on local democracy on the Western Balkans - ReLOaD. The program is financed by the EU, and implemented by the United nations development program (UNDP). In Montenegro, the program is implemented in partnership with 5 Montenegrin municipalities – Podgorica, Tivat, Kotor, Nikšić and Pljevlja.

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