EnvPro conducted a two-day workshop about communications

in cooperation with a communications expert within the LBBUEC project

Within the project “Building LBBUEC Resilience”, EnvPro is organized a two-day workshop about comumunication with support from the experts Danijel Lončara, on February 23 and 24, 2023. in the municipality of Ulcinj. Representatives of the local community, local institutions and civil society actively participated in the workshop sector, activists, business representatives and experts in the field of environmental protection and sustainability development.One of the goals that the project is trying to provide is improved internal and external access to communication and visibility, raising awareness of values, threats and solutions important for nature and people.

Through the two-day program, the workshop introduced interactive, educational and creative sessions interested participants with the process of communications and their importance in the domain of planning and implementation of activities, the process of creating a communication strategy, improvement of public performance and relations with the public and media, building relations with local communities, etc.

Through this event, activity concepts were created that have tangible conservation effects and sustainable use of LBBUEC natural resources, using pre-defined criteria, a of which the three best (Blue Paths, Get to know your homeland, Recycling and reuse plastic) and be carried out on the territory of the municipality of Ulcinj.

Excellent cooperation of the local community during this process, commitment to consideration and understanding problems and solutions, sharing of experiences and enthusiastic energy, resulted successfully the achieved outcome of the workshop. We express our gratitude to all participants in this process.

The project “Building LBBUEC Resilience” is supported by the Partnership Fund for Critical ecosystems - CEPF.