Salvia brachyodon and Linum elegans in focus for the fourth field visit

Mapping of species' locations and seed collection

Contrary to previous fieldwork trips where Iris orjenii was in focus, this time around, Salvia brachyodon and Linum elegans were targeted i.e. mapping of the exact locations of these species in Podštirovnik on the very border of BiH and Montenegro. Besides mapping the species, the aim was to determine where exactly their populations lay, on the Montenegrin or BiH side of the mountain, determine the size of their populations and collect seeds. The purpose of seed collection is to establish a seed bank for possible species reintroductions where their populations are diminished. Necessary data was collected and it was determined that both species populations are located on the BiH side of the mountain, consulting also official authorities in Montenegro.

The following fieldwork trip for this season will attempt to find Dianthus knappi, Satureja horvatii and Edraianthus serpelifolium and perform seed collection for all three.

Participants of this fieldwork trip were members of NGO EnvPro as the lead organization and NGO Egroup from BiH, whose capacity is being raised through this project and who are trained to independently conduct species research and conservation planning.

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