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Feb 2020
Call for small construction/architecture works

of a photography hide and bird houses

Feb 2020
Clean-up of a part of Ćemovsko field completed

with the help of numerous volunteers and heavy machinery

Feb 2020
Feb 2020
Feb 2020
Big clean-up of Ćemovsko field

for revitalization of this biodiverse habitat

Nov 2019
Collecting seeds of Satureja horvatii

to establish a seed bank for threatened plants of Orjen

Oct 2019
Autumn season bird ringing in Ćemovsko polje

in collaboration with local elementary schools and Ćemovsko field citizens and neighbours

Sep 2019
Visiting a remote population of I. orjenii and exploring species D. knappi, S. horvatii and E. serpelifolium

Field visit for data and seed collection for rare, threatened and endangered species of Mt. Orjen

Aug 2019
Salvia brachyodon and Linum elegans in focus for the fourth field visit

Mapping of species' locations and seed collection

Aug 2019
Jul 2019
Start of Ćemovsko field project

a debut project tackling the issue of degradation of Ćemovsko field and its biodiversity.

Jun 2019
Second fieldwork trip to Mountain Orjen

conducted in preparation for data collection on Iris orjenii.

Jun 2019
First fieldwork trip to Mountain Orjen

conducted for preparatory assessment of endemic, rare and threatened species of Mt. Orjen.

Apr 2019
We joined the initiative for river Zeta protection

a collaboration of Municipalities Danilovgrad, Podgorica and seven NGOs.

Feb 2019
Start of Orjen project

aiming to protect rare, endemic and endangered plant species on the Montenegrin side of Mt. Orjen

Feb 2019
Start of Orjen BiH project

a sister project to research of endemic plant species on the Montenegrin side of Mt. Orjen

Feb 2019
Start of Skadar lake frog project

which aims to involve the local community in Skadar lake fauna conservation

Dec 2018
Start of Katič project

aiming to establish the first Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Montenegro