Ecosystem-based assessment of biodiversity values and threats in Buljarica

Buljarica cove is one of the few remaining brackish marshes on the Adriatic coast important nationally and internationally, especially in light of Natura 2000 ecological network and marine protected areas. Sustainable development of planned urbanization of this site is a challenging path for the future requiring a comprehensive and holistic approach.

Composition and abundance of shark by-catch in Montenegrin fisheries

Sharks, one of the most endangered animal species, are affected by commercial fishing in Montenegro. Out of nine shark species assessed in the study, three have the critically endangered IUCN status, of which two are nationally protected with a permanent fishing ban. Intentional killing of sharks in Montenegrin waters is due to damage they make to fishing gear and baits, lack of knowledge on their importance and negative image of sharks the media have been imposing to the general population.