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What we are currently working on.
May 2017
Actions for the ecological valorisation of Buljarica cove

one of the few remaining brackish marshes on the Adriatic coast

Dec 2018
Support local community’s involvement in protection and promotion of the potential marine protected area - Katič

targeted as such, among other reasons, for richness with species Posidonia oceania and Epinephelus marginatus

Mar 2019
Conservation of endemic plant species on Mt. Orjen in Bosnia and Hercegovina

a sister project to "Conservation of endemic, rare and threatened species on Mt. Orjen" by EnvPro

Jun 2019
Ćemovsko field - a hotspot in front of our eyes

aims to conserve this habitat by researching its biodiversity and educating the public about it in compelling ways

Oct 2019
Ćemovsko polje - Winning over the hearts of local citizens

aims to conserve important bird species of this area with the help of local residents and nature-lovers