Building LBBUEC resilience

lower Bojana Basin Ecosystem Complex

Relaying on the previous results in the wider lower Bojana basin area, developing the LBBUEC study, pilot biodiversity database, pilot sustainable and nature protection joint local on the ground actions EnvPro is pursuing a follow up project.

The project conveys commitment to strategic, open and learning process that will gather wide front of supporters around long-term contemporary sustainable development, climate change and nature protection agenda, providing for:

Key project partners are: Center for econics and ecosystem management, University Eberswalde for Sustainable development, HNEE; NGO Martin-Schneider Jacoby Association, MSJA; informal Ulcinj youth club and Reborn by Adventure actors. Associated partners are NGO Monitoring Group, MogUl, national and local institutions, and decision makers.

Project started in November 2022 and will last one year, funded and supported by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund – CEPF.

Photo: ⒸTO Ulcinj