Ćemovsko field - a hotspot in front of our eyes

aims to conserve this habitat by researching its biodiversity and educating the public about it in compelling ways

Ćemovsko field is a unique habitat, a rare remaining pseudo-steppe of the east Mediterranean. It is a part of an Important Plant Area (IPA), nominated as Important Bird Area (IBA) and Emerald site, and also designated as priority for conservation according to the Catalogue of habitat types of importance for the EU, by the Natura 2000 preparatory network of Montenegro. It suffers from high habitat loss due to lack of care, urbanization, city dump and traditional land-use abandonment. Despite its significance, coherent and systematic scientific-based presentation of its ecological values is still missing.

This project aims to develop the first assessment of Ćemovsko field biodiversity, providing a backbone for its legal protection as nature park or monument of nature. This unique, valuable and threatened asset belonging to Montenegro’s Capital City will be portrayed to citizens throug various educational activities, drawing their attention and provoking action.

The project donor is the Rufford foundation, while the project is led by NGO EnvPro, lasting for 1 year.