Support local community’s involvement in protection and promotion of the potential marine protected area - Katič

targeted as such, among other reasons, for richness with species Posidonia oceania and Epinephelus marginatus

In Montenegro, in light of designation of marine protected areas (MPAs), there are three potential MPAs identified: Platamuni, Katič and Stari Ulcinj. The main threates identified to these MPAs are sea habitat fragmentation, overfishing and exploitation of fish stocks and coastal urbanization, unplanned building and massive tourism.

This project focuses on potential marine protected area Katič, with the main objective to reduce the negative impacts on marine biodiversity in Katič and support locally-based management for biodiversity conservation and income creation from the low negative-impact activities. The project is led by NGO Green Home with project partners NGO Montenegrin ecological society (MES), NGO Mediterranean Center For Environmental Monitoring (MedCEM)and NGO EnvPro. The project donor is Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), and the project is planned to last from December 1st 2018to December 1st 2021.

EnvPro’s main role in this project is to take part in collecting data in the potential MPA.