Conservation of endemic plant species on Mt. Orjen in Bosnia and Hercegovina

complementary to EnvPro's efforts on Mt. Orjen in Montenegro

This project, titled “Conservation of endemic, rare and threatened species on Mt. Orjen” was initiated as a partner project to EnvPro’s project aiming to research and conserve rare plant species of Orjen in Montenegro. The project objective is to enhance knowledge and skills to support assessment and planning of plant conservation, as well as creation of new generations of young experts in plant conservation.

The project led by NGO Egroup, with partners and consultants being the Ministry for spatial planning, construction and ecology of Srpska Republic in Bosnia and Hercegovina, public institution “Ecology and safety” from Trebinje in Bosnia and Hercegovina and EnvPro. The project donor is Critical ecosystem partnership fund (CEPF) and project duration is from February 1st 2019 to September 1st 2019.