Balkans Water Project – Phase III

for "Zeta River” Nature Park – bioindicators, education and tourism

Declared a Nature Park in 2019, due to its exceptional, internationally recognized natural values, high biodiversity, importance and well-being for the local population, the valley of the Zeta River as such obliges and requires efficient management, responsible and dedicated level of protection and preservation.

As an organization that, with its involvement in the previous period, contributed to the preservation and protection of this area through two phases, in the first phase a project with a focus on biomonitoring that enabled us to collect initial data on the state of freshwater biodiversity in the Zeta River, identify key bioindicators, and train the first volunteers and the local community to carry out biomonitoring, create the first replicative protocol for biomonitoring, and based on the obtained data, continue with new activities through the second phase of the Balkans Water Project with the aim of developing the Management Plan and Communication Strategy of the “Zeta River” Nature Park as important documents that will be of great importance importance for the effective management of this area.

Based on these results and with the aim of continuing to provide support for the protection and improvement of this area, the Environment Programme (EnvPro) started a new project on 15th November 2022, entitled “Balkans Water Project: bioindicators, education and tourism – management through cooperation“.

The main project aims are: Building trust and cooperation between representatives of the local community, local government and the management body of the protected area; Creation of an application for monitoring and starting participatory management of the “Zeta River” Nature Park; Creation of educational and tourist programs related to biomonitoring.

The project will last until 30th November 2023, and its implementation is also supported this time by The Nature Conservancy (TNC).