Strategic development planning in cooperation with the TACSO office

In cooperation with the TACSO [1] office in Montenegro, EnvPro is one of the organizations that will implement mentoring for strategic development.

EnvPro has high quality standards in the field of environment protection and sustainable development in the country and the region, which is why it strives to have a structured and well-designed strategic work plan of the organization and the entire team. Through the strategic planning process, EnvPro intends to learn the overall process of developing the Strategic plan and improve organizational management in setting priorities and strengthening the organization.

Strategic mentoring is designed to define and revise the vision and mission of the organization through a disciplined effort, clearly define key areas of action, ways of acting and estimate human resources that the organization possesses and needs. The final result of this process will be the Strategic Plan of the organization for the period 2022 - 2024.

[1] Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations in the Western Balkans and Turkey (TACSO) is a regional project funded by the European Union (EU) that enhances the capacities and strengthens the role of civil society organizations (CSOs). The project helps CSOs to actively participate in democratic processes in the region, and also stimulates an environment conducive to the development of civil society and pluralistic development media.