Environment Programme (EnvPro) is an NGO working on the preservation of species and habitats, improvement of natural resources use, improvement of quality of life and human well being and building of a sustainable future for all. The organization was established in October 2015 by professionals in the field of environment, research, planning and capacity development with high aspirations of positive socio-economic and environmental changes in Montenegro and Southeast Europe, where it primarily works. EnvPro aims also to be connected internationally to enable use and testing of advanced scientific knowledge, experiences and tools in the pursuit of its mission and in its strive towards empowerment of local stakeholders and organizations.

The goals of EnvPro are:

  • To combine the global science range and external expertise with local knowledge to increase aspirations for sustainable development and to find applicable models for the development of local areas.
  • To ensure capacity building and delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of people and nature.
  • To work on the development of exquisite professional standards based on an inter-sectoral approach and involvement of different stakeholders.
  • To generate support in tools and human resources for economic, social and other issues of conservation and sustainable development.

For the purpose of achieving desired objectives, EnvPro will engage in the following activities:

  1. Adjustment of the institutional framework for more effective and efficient implementation of sustainable development policies and ecologically acceptable principles of action and societal development.
  2. Dynamic analysis of socio-economic factors and parameters in the field of sustainable development in order to improve the processes of planning, decision making and realizing their long-term effects.
  3. Planning, managing and monitoring biodiversity conservation programs and developing sectors that have a positive impact on biodiversity and sustainable future such as tourism, rural development, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture.
  4. Defining operational systems and management structures within the field of environmental protection, tourism and rural development.
  5. Strengthening the capacities of local communities, organizations and institutions for access, participation and distribution of benefits in the processes of planning and implementation of a sustainable future from both socio-economic and environmental protection aspects.
  6. Capacity building for the integration of youth, vulnerable groups and fair socio-economic distribution from the gender sensitive point of view in sustainable development efforts.
  7. Capacity building and practice of multi-sectoral approach, mediation in promoting volunteerism, youth education and active participation.
  8. Cooperation with other non-governmental organizations, institutions, local and national governments and relevant ministries in Montenegro and internationally.