Initiative for protection of river Zeta

Municipality of Danilovgrad joined forces with Municipality Podgorica and eight nature conservation NGOs, including EnvPro, to set up a partnership aimed for protection, enhancement and sustainable management of river Zeta.

A desirable result of this cooperation is valorisation of river Zeta and its designation as legally protected Nature monument, for which partnering NGOs will propose specific actions. To achieve these goals, especially establishment of nature monument status, education and involvement of local community through round tables, forums and similar gatherings will be conducted. The cooperation will also result in establishment of a sound management regime of river Zeta catchment area and activities for enhancement of its conservation.

Participating NGOs, besides EnvPro are: Center for bird protection and research, Montenegrin ecologists society, Young ecologists society Nikšić, Green home, Environment movement ‘‘Ozon’’, Parks Dinarides and 9th December.