Actions for the ecological valorisation of Buljarica cove

one of the few remaining brackish marshes on the Adriatic coast

Buljarica cove is one of the few remaining brackish marshes on the Adriatic coast, accompanied with Posidonia oceanica beds in the marine area. Many animal and plant species present in this area are protected at national and international levels, with highly valuable ecosystems, especially in light of NATURA 2000 ecological network and marine protected areas (MPAs). However, this part of the Montenegrin coast is exposed to numerous threats, the most serious being urbanization and non-sustainable torism. Such development would destroy natural values of this area. Important marine ecosystems, which are already under a range of pressures, would also suffer.

The objective of this project was to build a scientific foundation for consolidating a common knowledge base and integrate it into relevant politics, ensuring institutional strengthening and awareness raising. The project lasted for 1 year, resulting in a study ‘’Ecosystem-based assessment of biodiversity values and threats in Buljarica”. The study provides a high standard of scientific basis for valuation and biodiversity protection in Buljarica as well as for promotion of sustainable development. The methodology used in the study for ecosystems and biodiversity assessment is MARISCO, an ecosystem-based methodological approach for field research.

The donor of the project was Critical ecosystem partnership fund (CEPF). The project was led by NGO Montenegrin ecological society (MES) and co-led by NGO EnvPro with Pierre Ibisch from the Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management at the Eberswalde University. Project partner was also NGO Society for development of ecology from Buljarica.