Ecosystem-based assessment of biodiversity values and threats in Buljarica

Buljarica cove is one of the few remaining brackish marshes on the Adriatic coast important nationally and internationally, especially in light of Natura 2000 ecological network and marine protected areas. Sustainable development of planned urbanization of this site is a challenging path for the future requiring a comprehensive and holistic approach.

This study is produced as a result of “Actions for the ecological valorisation of Buljarica cove”, with the aim to build the scientific base for its conservation and sustainable development.

The project identified three main biodiversity objects in Buljarica cove.

Main threats to Buljarica cove from conservation and management point of view include urban development and associated pollution, landslides and erosion, abandonment of agricultural fields/hay meadows, invasive species, immigration and emigration of people and possible harbor construction. The study provides details for reconciliation of nature conservation and human development through a comprehensive and holistic approach to sustainable development.

EnvPro team lead the project design, implementation and development of the Study.

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